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All about Human Factor

Human Factor is the result of the lived experiences of its founders. We are a band of dedicated women professionals who have cumulatively 50-plus years of experience in the corporate world. We stitch together our diverse perspectives from the industry to develop targeted Disability Inclusion & Transformative HR Programmes to promote a culture of empathy, accessibility and inclusion of able minds for your diverse workforce.

People Sustainability. These two simple words together have an unsurpassable profundity of meaning. Today, there is a global call for every government, organisation and individual to plan their actions for a sustainable future for the able-minded human race.  


With People Sustainability as our core motto, Human Factor believes in treating people responsibly, taking care of people's physical and mental well-being, and valuing talent for their contribution.

The Worldview that Shapes Us

Human Capital evolves in response to economic, social, and technological factors. Organizations face battles like burnout, talent retention, and mental health. They must prepare for emerging challenges while managing their bottom line.

"Curious about your workplace's potential?"

"Seeking guidance on inclusive practices for disabilities?"

Don’t wait. Let us guide you.

The Challenge that Fires Us

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